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Winner Takes It All; Blackpool F.C. v Cardiff F.C.

I need to put it in perspective. The game I was talking about yesterday between Blackpool and Cardiff was the biggest game in the world. Really, it was. It was worth 90 million pounds to the winner. That is one million pounds for every minute played (just in case you were unable to do the maths). The money for television rights alone is astronomical. So winning is not just about being able to play against the best teams in the world but also the revenue it brings in for the a Club.

Matt and I sat down to watch the match. We were a little quieter than usual. Every time I thought about the enormity of the game, I filled up. I realise that everyone reading this, other than those who follow football closely will think I am an over-emotional fool. It’s just that Blackpool has got into this position with hard work and determination and without spending money to buy in success and we have been everywhere with them. It feels personal as it’s our home town. I was a nervous wreck before the match. Phases of feeling sick, crying and even hiding behind my hands occurred. I’m no football expert so wont try to give you a commentary but save to say Blackpool were fantastic and guess what?….. WON;  3-2!!!!!!! That’s right, the team who were one of the favourites to be relegated from the Championship WON the richest game in the world gaining promotion into the Premiership!!! It truly is a football fairytale. I remember watching them in the Fourth Division when I was fifteen in the East Stand, which was nothing more than a cattle shed with outside toilets (really, I’m not joking) and here they are in the top flight.

I am so pleased for Matt as he has been a staunch fan through thick and thin and the best news is that, living here in Australia, we get the watch all their games next year as Foxtel show them all! Can’t wait for next season now. In the words of Ian Holloway, Blackpool’s Manager, BRING IT ON!

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