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What would you write about?

With my daughter consuming a ridiculous amount of books on a weekly basis at the moment it has reminded me just how important they are, even in this modern world of technical advances. There is an old adage ‘Everyone has a book in them’. Is that really true? I have read a statistic that 80% of people would like to. I am guessing the amount of people that actually do is significantly less. I am most definitely in the 80% that would like to and most probably in the percentage that never will. For one, I have no idea what I would write about. Then there’s the time and devotion. A great deal of both would be required. I imagine the amazing success that deservedly came to J.K. Rowling sparked a new-found desire to write in many people.  I would love to know though, if you were to write a book, what would it be about? Fiction or non? Murder/mystery? Children’s stories? Love story? Fantasy? The options are literally or is a literary (poor joke, I know, but irresistible nonetheless) endless. Perhaps writing something about the things you are passionate about would be a good start?

What do you think the market is for a novel based around shoes and handbags? Perhaps I need to get back to the drawing board and pontificate for another 33 years…..

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