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Watch’ya gonna do about it?

Friday was the last time I remembered having my watch. I rarely loose things as I am quite a creature of habit and so, after checking every conceivable place,  I was a little concerned. I’d asked the kids, on more than one occasion, if they have seen it “NOoooo” came the reply. By yesterday, I had all but given up  finding it. I happened to directly ask Marcus, on his own, if he had seen it. “Yes!” He said excitedly, “Follow me”. So off I followed, into my bedroom, where he threw himself under my bed, scurried into the middle and declared, “See, it’s here!” He then commando crawled out from under the bed carrying my watch. I gave him a big hug, thanked him and asked him how he knew where it was. He replied “because I put it there!” in a proud voice. Well I suppose you have to admire his honestly, if nothing else.

I took a picture of his reaction to his sister beating him to a climbing frame. Revenge, as they say, is sweet.

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