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Until we meet again….

Two and a half years ago we arrived in Australia as wet behind the ears immigrants. We knew nothing and had to hit the ground running. Different currency, road signs, shops, and a strange thing called Manchester. It turns out Manchester does not refer to a large Northern English City but actually bedding. Who knew? Very quickly my husband found out that the way we English pronounce ‘router’ is quite inappropriate. Asking a lady for a router in a shop raises eyebrows.

Tomorrow we are setting off on our journey to Perth, WA where we are moving to. We are driving there with the kids. Yes, you are right. We have a screw loose. Who in their right minds drives to Perth from Melbourne with a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old? In our defence, we figured it would be a rare chance to drive one-way so we decided to go for it. We’re viewing it more as an adventure and I hope to be able to report on our journey when (if) we arrive in Perth.

When we decided to move to Perth one thing we hadn’t banked on was missing friends here in Melbourne. You take it for granted that it will be easy, given that we left everything and everybody we knew, family included, when we left the UK. The truth is, we have made some fabulous friends who we will miss dearly and, you know what, I have a feeling we will miss Melbourne also. Melbourne, we leave you with two children who now consider themselves Australian, fantastic memories and wonderful friends. It has been a pleasure. Until we meet again….adios!

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