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Two more sleeps…

Excited? Just a little. I can’t wait! On Wednesday, we are off to the Gold Coast, Queensland. Yeeehaaaaaaa…

We have the tickets for Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild booked and so just need to get packing. Matt and the kids want to go whale watching too. I’m not over-enthusiastic…my last experience of whale watching was off the coast of California. Prior to boarding the Captain of the boat handed out sea sickness tablets. I didn’t take one. Why would I? I had never suffered with sea sickness before. BIG mistake. After about half an hour of being thrown around like a rag doll on a roller-coaster, I felt the onset of sea sickness. It was awful. The worst part was we hadn’t even got close to the area where the Blue Whales feed on the krill, so we had to continue for what seemed like an eternity and, it was cold. No matter how warm it seemed in Monteray as soon as we hit open water, it was freezing. Then, after spending more time than I thought necessary looking at the whales (believe me, one blue whale looks much the same as another), we had to sail back. JOY! ┬áSo please forgive me for not jumping for joy at the thought of another whale watching excursion. This time though I aim to be prepared. I will dose myself up on as much medication as possible and wrap up like I’m off to the Arctic.

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