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Two for t?

At Junior Life Saving they can take certain tests and be awarded badges. While at Little Nippers Georgia had the chance to try to get her ‘t’ badge. It basically involves swimming 25 meters in the sea. Anyway, she managed to do it and was all “woo yeah, I got my t badge” when she realised it wouldn’t count. Where she’d done it wasn’t deep enough for it to count, so she had to swim out to deeper water and do it again. Under normal circumstances I’m pretty sure she’d have told us where to stick the badge but her friends had already been awarded it, so she was determined, and succeeded. She must have been pretty tired. I was worn out just watching.

Then I heard one of the instructors tell her something. The words I heard are the type that you hear in slow motion in movies. The words you don’t want to ever hear. “Give that to your mum to sew onto your top”. Me? Sew? You have to be joking. Right? The only reason I own a needle and some thread is because my friend with stayed here in November wanted to sew a loose button on something and went and bought me some. Anyway, I managed to do it, after grumbling the whole time under my breath. Of course once I’d finish I stood up and announced to Matt that it was official. “I am now a proper mum”.



Well done G for getting your t badge, twice! Love you babes x

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