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Trick or treat in daylight

I have been wondering why Halloween isn’t such a big deal in Australia. Whilst it is celebrating it is nothing like the scale it is in the UK and certainly nowhere near America. For example, we have had one trick or treater tonight. I mean, ONE set of trick or treaters. I was just tucking the kids into bed and realised it isn’t dark yet. It is nearly 8pm and the sun is only just setting. Now as far as spooky goes, daylight doesn’t really cut the mustard. Maybe that is why? To be honest, my dad was quite an anti-trick or treater. “There’s no way you are going into the street and begging” I recall him saying. Whilst I remember thinking my dad was just being a miserable old git as I’ve aged (this could be read as also become a miserable old git) this attitude has kind of stuck with me. I hate to admit it but I’m actually quite relieved that Halloween isn’t such a bit deal here. Is there a Halloween equivalent saying to Bah Humbug?


8pm Halloween. I suspect this may be  why it is better suited to the Northern Hemisphere.


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