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Time to acclimatise

This morning I am cold. I have jeans, T-shirt and a thick cardigan on (one I would not step out of the house wearing). It is February in Melbourne and after quite a long spell of hot weather, today, it feels cold. As such I have decided to cook some hot comfort food for dinner this evening; braised steak. Don’t assume I cook wonderful home cooked meals every night. Martha Stewart, I aint. I can however, just about throw a list of items together in a pot and leave them to cook for a few hours. My culinary skills cease there.

After making my earth-shattering decision over tonight’s meal plans, I thought it must be pretty cold out so, out of interest, I had a look at the weather forecast. That’s when I realised I have acclimatised from UK to Australian weather…BIG time! Today, Rachael Turner, the weather is 21 degrees!!! Now for those of you who have never stepped foot on British soil, 21 degrees is a hot day in the UK. A day where people take their clothes off and sunbathe. Yet here I am with layers of clothes, planning my home-cooked winter warmer food!

The descriptions of temperatures on the forecast amuse me. Here’s how they are described here in Australia –

15 – 19   cold

20 – 24  cool

25 – 28  mild

29- 33 warm

34 – 37 hot

38  upwards very hot

Here’s how that would read in the UK

15 – 19   mild

20 – 24  hot

25 – 28  very hot

29- 33 ridiculously hot

34 – 37 prepare for reports of spontaneous human combustion

38  upwards – apocalypse imminent; head for underground shelter

Anyway, I need to go and go and prepare my winter warmer before I freeze to death. Did I mention it is only  21 degrees today…brrrrr?

This is Marcus, 10 minutes ago, eating frozen yoghurt, complaining about how cold he is!

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