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The Narrator

Today was Georgia’s stage début. She was the Narrator in her classes performance of the story of the raising of Lazarus and she had a lot of lines to learn. When we went in and sat down with the rest of the parents and then she and the rest of her classmates came on stage. The other Prep class and the classes from Grades One and Two were also watching. One of the teachers spent a while setting up her microphone, so she was the only one stood up in front of everyone, and I was nervous for her! I kept thinking, don’t forget your first line! As long as you remember the first line, you’ll be fine. She didn’t forget the first line or any other for that matter. I was so proud of her. I could tell she was chuffed with herself, with her little dimple in her left cheek showing. Ahhhh…..

Then the star left the building, and I tried her get her autograph. Obviously, she had other fans to connect with as my screams of “Georgia” fell on deaf ears. In the blink of an eye she was escorted back to her limo by her bodyguard, or was that classroom by her teacher? I do get confused with all the furore.

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