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The Drawer of Randomness – every good home needs one

I pride myself on being clutter free. In the 1990s Ikea ran an advert in the UK, “Chuck out your chintz today”. It seems as though that stuck in my head and I ritually cleanse my house of all unnecessary items, every few months, like some sort of mad woman. Anything we don’t use within a year gets thrown. Anything that isn’t used at least once a week cannot stay on the counter top. It’s not so much about aesthetics as I really dislike housework, so the less clutter, the less tidying and the easier the house is to clean. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Why is it then, that no matter how much de-cluttering I do, I always end up with a drawer in the house that contains, nothing and yet is full? I have no idea what is in it and yet I cannot ever clear it out. I just happened to open the said mystery drawer and here’s a list of the items in it:-

birthday candles,

plastic knives and forks,

spare wires (I have no idea what they fit),

pencils that have never been sharpened,

tea tree candles,

keys in lots of different shapes and sizes (no idea what they fit)

take away menus for places you have never heard of

money off coupons (that are forgotten about and so are out of date)

….the list goes on but you get the general gist of it.

In all honestly the items in the drawer are so random that even in the event I needed one of the items, I wouldn’t even know I had them. I am quite sure I could empty the contents into the bin and never regret it, yet, somehow, I can’t bring myself to. Aside from the coupons that are out of date, something in my mind says, but you never know. The fact is, I do know. I do know that if I need any of the above I wont think to even open ‘the drawer of randomness’, I will go and buy them and any spares will no doubt be added to the said drawer. Yep, the drawer of randomness bugs me.


What’s that? Oh yes, the serene sight of a frosty morning sunrise at the Sandhurst Club. That’s better *distraction starts to take effect and she forgets about the unsightly drawer for another year*!




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