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The chilli peppers & the moon

Matt decided to cook us mussels as an appetizer before dinner tonight. He was busy preparing and shouted, “chilli seeds in or out”? At this point I should have replied “that depends upon how many chilli’s you are putting in”, but I didn’t. That was a BIG mistake. My actual response was “throw them in we’ll have a bit more heat”.

I should tell you I am no wimp when it comes to hot food but this was ridiculous. Upon first taste, not just my mouth but my lips were on fire, my nose was running and I an sure my throat burst into flames.

As I ran for a drink, I just about managed to say “What the…? How many chilli’s did you put in Matt?”

“All of them”

“ALL OF THEM? There were 7. SEVEN bird-eyes”.

“Well, they were only small”

Please note, there were only two portions, so we are talking 3 and a half bird-eye chilli’s each. In one bowl. With not much more than some stock and mussels.┬áThis, ladies and gentleman, is what I have to put up with. I am sure in some parts of the world this is classed as torture. Given that beneath the actual heat it was very tasty so I did eat it all. My tummy does feel a little dodgy right now. I’d keep a wide berth from me tomorrow if I were you. Just sayin’.

In other breaking news, as the moon rose about three nights ago it was a fabulous tangerine colour. I ran to get my camera and then realised I had lent my tripod to my next door neighbour. By the time I’d run around to her house, attempted to explain that I needed it quickly to take a picture of the moon (without sounding like I had just escaped from a high security asylum), then run back home, the moon had gone behind some clouds. When it peeked out again, the orange colour had gone so I decided to have a bit of fun playing with the colour of the sky instead.

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