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The birthday boy, the party and the cake

Every so slightly overdue, is a blog about my baby boy turning the ripe old age of 6. I say slightly overdue and I mean one month tomorrow, but what’s a few weeks amongst friends?

We took the easy route for a party and went with the highly predictable option of a play centre. All we had to do was supply party bags and the cake #lazyparentsandproudofit. The most important thing was that Mr Marcus had a great time, and was spoilt rotten.


For anyone that knows me, making a cake myself was not an option, so I bought an ice-cream cake, thinking I was being clever. Then, I realised it was too small so Matt went shopping with instructions to either purchase another one or buy a different, bigger cake. Now, to me, and probably every other woman, a child’s birthday cake involves bright colours, maybe with characters they know or is cleverly shaped in the style of a football or something similar. You can imagine my disbelief when Matt came back from the shops with a Michel’s Patisserie chocolate mouse cake. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautifully exquisite, with ornate gold leaf and hand-crafted chocolate sculpting (you cant see them on the above pictures as they were hidden with an oversized HAPPY BIRTHDAY candle that added a bit of colour ┬ábut trust me a child’s cake it definitely was not! Without any time to purchase a third cake I decided to go with it, and I must admit, it was delicious. I did however feel the need to tell every parent I could that it was not me who bought the cake.


To my little man: It amazes me just how much you have grown up in the last year. You will always be my baby boy but I can already see what a fabulous young man you are turning into. Mummy & Daddy are so proud of you and love you more than words can say (even if Daddy buys you over-elaborate granny cakes). xxxx



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