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Term 2….done

Where did that go? We are officially half way through the school year. I went for Georgia’s parent/teacher interview this evening.  Adjectives used: highly intelligent, strong-willed, very smart, stubborn. Basically she is doing very well but could benefit from listening more. It made me laugh. She is every bit her father’s child. It got me thinking (again) whether personalities are nature or nurture. Prior to having children I would say 50/50. Now, I honestly believe it is nearly all nature. I swear she was born with the same temperament as Matt. All his family agree that he was exactly the same when growing up. During ‘terrible twos’ Georgia would head-but objects and Matt’s Mum told me that he used to do it. Overhearing this, Matt’s Gran said that Matt’s Mum also did it! 3 generations of head-bangers it would seem! Yet with the, shall we say, determination, has come her intelligence and while I know I am biased, (I am allowed, it is report day) she is a clever little bunny and I am so proud of her.

I’m very conscious of trying to keep her young though, and trying to ensure that she doesn’t grow up too soon, which is hard when not a lot gets past her. Before I went to the cinema the other night, we were sat around the dinner table. Matt asked “So what are you going to watch then”? To which I replied, without giving it a thought, “Sex In The City 2”, whereupon Miss Turner pipes up “That’s not fair, I like sex, so I want to watch it too”. I honestly though that Matt was going to choke on his lamb chop. Upon further investigation, I discovered that she thinks sex is related to looking good as she has heard people being referred to as sexy..PHEW! I toyed with the idea of having a factual conversation with her (for fear of her telling kids on the playground that she likes sex) but thought better of it. The longer she can be a child, the better. Even if that means I have to answer awkward questions from other parents.

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