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Every get the feeling you’ve been conned? Last night we went out for dinner and there was a raffle. Matt bought $20 worth of tickets and divided them up between the kids. Lo and behold, one of Georgia’s tickets came up. She won two bottles of wine. So then she says she will sell them to us. Matt played along….

“Okay $5 for the bottles”

“Forget that, $5 would have been for the breakfast pack. It’s $20 for the wine”

I’m not being funny but at what stage do they teach children negotiation skills at school? And how did she know the wine was worth more to us than the food? She drove a pretty hard bargain and Matt ended up agreeing to give them $5 each in exchange for the wine.

So let’s work this out for a moment, $20 + $5 + $5 for two bottles of very average wine. Hmmm, I’m starting to think ‘winning’ wasn’t so fantastic. ┬áNext time there is a raffle, remind me to just go to a bottle shop instead!


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