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Sorrento Belongs to me

There’s something about Sorrento that just feels right. As soon as we arrived here it was like being at home. It’s hard to describe, but I finally know what people mean when they say they have found their spiritual home. It feels like we belong here. Like we were always meant to be here.


The kid’s school has a school song that was written over 20 years ago by Marcus’ current teacher. It starts like this….

This is our school, where we work and play.

This is our school, we try our best each day.

Sorrento a place by the sea.

Sorrento belongs to me.

Every time they sing the ‘Sorrento belongs to me’ line, I well up. It’s touching to think that the kids can feel like Sorrento belongs to them and, more importantly, that they belong in Sorrento. And, they do feel like that. We all do. Thank you Sorrento, thank you school and thank you Marcus’ teacher.
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