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“Room Service Please” : A Generation Gap

It sometimes amazes me at the difference in between my life and my daughter’s. She, as do most children these days, seems to know so much more than I did. Not just academically either. I’m not sure if they are just brighter nowadays or have information more readily available and therefore absorb more. Of course there is always the possibility that I was/am a little dim, but my mum assures me I wasn’t. Then again, let’s face it, whose mum wouldn’t say that.


Last night, from her bedroom, Georgia sang three words at the top of her voice “ROOM SERVICE PLEEEEAAAAASE”. The time this happened I went to her room to ask her what she wanted. I was informed that it was too hot in her room and she required the air-conditioning turning on. From then on, whenever she bellows those three words from her room, we know to turn on the air-con. It was only last night that I thought about it. Firstly, at that age, living in the UK, I had never even heard of air-conditioning. Secondly, I would have had no idea what room service was! The difference in one generation. I half expect to see her breakfast order hanging from her door handle at some point and heaven help us if she ever finds a bell.

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