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Prepare for a Road Trip

Given that Matt and I are possibly certifiable we thought it would be a good idea to drive across Australia, in the height of summer, with the kids. As you do. Whenever we told people about our chosen method of travel to Perth there was always a variation of the same response. Most tried to hide it. Hide their horror! Some were better at hiding it than others. There was always this mix of firstly half smiling, to see if I was having a laugh and winding them up. After concentrating on my expression and realising I meant it, their eye brows would frown and¬†they would do this quick intake of breath, and puff out with words. The words varied from “Are you insane”, to “You’re brave, good luck.” Some would try to make me feel better by adding, “I’m sure that will be interesting” with an attempt at a smile.

The truth is, I wasn’t bothered about the journey itself. I convinced myself everything would be okay, I mean, it’s only 5 days, what the worse that can happen?! Some might call this reckless, I just say positive! I was however concerned about the monotony of the journey for the kids. We decided that there was only one thing for it. We needed the ultimate tool for lazy parenting, iPads… plus headphones… the angry birds theme music can become every so slightly annoying after 5 straight hours. Fortunately, our trip started on 27th December, perfect timing for Xmas pressies.

The fact that our trip coincided with Xmas also posed a problem…what to do with the mountain of pressies. The removalists had already sent our container ahead of us to Perth. We didn’t want a roof rack or trailer as we wanted to stay as light as possible. I’m not ashamed to admit that I did contemplate leaving the kids. Calm down, I’m only joking but, really, we would have had so much more room with the back seats empty:-)Instead, we met friends on Boxing day and dumped¬†gifted them a load of stuff. With that and, the magic that is, vacuum sealed bags, we were all set.

On 27th December at 6:15am we commenced the first part of our 3500 km journey.

First stop, Adelaide.

To be continued…..

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