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As I went to tuck the kids into bed last night, they started a discussion about sand, rocks and volcanoes. Impressed with their interest, I willingly chatted with them for about half an hour. I eventually gave them kisses and walked away from their bedrooms. At this point an overwhelming feeling took over me….I had been played. Schooltime memories popped into my mind; we had a teacher who we could do this with. We would start to ask him about subjects he liked and, before we (or rather he) knew it, the school bell was ringing and we had avoided a whole lesson’s worth of work.


I don’t think my two had pre-planned it as it seemed more of a organic development, however, whichever way it came about, they successfully avoided lights out for a good 30 minutes. I suppose I should be grateful they are working as a team…even if it is against me! Next time, I’ll be prepared. I’m not falling for that one again. No sirreeee.


Here’s the new partnership: double trouble. Can’t decide if I prefer this one in colour or black and white.

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