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Pen Tablet

My husband bought me a pen tablet for Christmas. For those of you who have not got a clue what I am talking about (I know I didn’t until very recently), they are basically an input device. A mouse and keyboard is an input device. This is very different. It has a pen and a tablet. The tablet is kind of like a screen that you can write on. You don’t just use it for writing, it can be used instead of your mouse. It will be particularly good for me working in Photoshop. Eventually (once/if ever I master it) it will be faster and more precise than my mouse.

I had my first go on it today and, I admit, I thought it would be easy. IT IS NOT! It’s like re-learning how to use your computer! It feels very alien. Having said that, I am a bit slow on the uptake in these sorts of things. It took me ages to get used to my iMac when I converted from a PC and I suppose this will be no different. So as to speed up my progress I’ve hidden my mouse so I wont be tempted to use it.

I will let you know how I get on. In the meantime here’s my first attempt at signing an image. Stop laughing, it’s actually harder than it looks!


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