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Perth Family Photographer – Jensen

When I first spoke to Jensen’s mum about organising a shoot we decided upon a location where we could combine beach and park settings to get the best of both. This shoot had been a while in the making to match up our schedules as busy working mums and after a few months (really!) of organising and re-scheduling due to illnesses we finally managed to get there. I’m sure you will agree it was worth the wait. Jensen was a little trooper throughout the shoot and I love their photos, in particular, the contrast of the dark, almost autumnal, colours in park setting against the bright summery beach photos. You would never believe they were taken 100 meters away from each other.

Perth Family Photographer - JensenPerth Family PhotographerPerth Family Photographer2Perth Family PhotographerI think this little fella is going to be fighting off admirers in a few years’ time. Doesn’t he have the face of an angel? Just look at those eyes…

Perth Family PhotographerPerth Family PhotographerPerth Family Photographer

Jensen’s gorgeous Mummy, Dale is a wedding celebrant so, if you are looking for a special somebody for your nuptials, check out her Facebook Page HERE.

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Hillarys Photographer – Harrisons first birthday

In winter 2012, my sister and brother-in-law visited us from northern Scotland and while they were here, they found out they were expecting a baby! I have always felt very protective over my sister, I guess due to her being 5 years younger than me. Finding out she was expecting was exciting, although when it came to giving birth, I found it quite an ordeal being so far away. Okay, okay so, I imagine Sarah was going through more of an ordeal, but let’s not focus on that right now. While she was in labour, I spent most of the night messaging her and there would be these gaps of silence when the midwives or doctors were speaking with her or monitoring the baby. Personally, I can’t believe they were so inconsiderate. Didn’t they realise they were interrupting my running commentary?! Seriously though, being the other side of the world when you want to be right there offering support and assistance is a helpless feeling. She’d started to have a few complications and so when I finally heard the news that she had given birth to a healthy baby boy and that both of them were doing well, it was a huge relief. Sarah and her husband, Jim, named my nephew Harrison which, incidentally, is our maiden name.

As the days, weeks and months went on, I would see him growing through Skype and other means of communication, although I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on him and give him and big SQUEEEZE! A few weeks ago he went on his first holiday… to visit his family in Australia! It was great to finally meet the little guy and we all fell even more in love with him. I am so grateful that we got to spend that time with him (and my sister of course). She did the long journey on her own with Harrison as her husband is in the RAF and is on a 5 month tour of duty. It was great to see a caring and compassionate side to my kids (that they don’t necessarily show each other) and his little face lit up every time one of them walked in the room. We had such a great time together although saying good-bye was tough, as always. I tell myself though that without good-byes, there are no hellos.

Anyway, the little man turns one tomorrow and all his Aussie family wish him a very, very happy birthday. Love you little man xxxx

Hillarys PhotographerHillarys PhotographerHillarys PhotographerHillarys PhotographerHow beautiful is my sister? Oh well, at least I got the brains ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hillarys PhotographerHillarys PhotographerHillarys Photographer

Hillarys Photographer



Sarah, Wish we could spend the day celebrating with you. I promise to have a glass of something sparkly to toast the little man’s first year on this earth. You are a fabulous mummy, much better than you are a sister ;-), and we love you all to the moon and back. xxxx



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Perth Maternity and Newborn Photographer : Willow

When expecting mums contact me wanting combined maternity and newborn shoots, I do a little happy dance! It’s a privilege to document the stages from when a two people become a family. When Willow’s mummy contacted me, we firstly discussed locations and the style of maternity shoot that she wanted and she decided upon a sunset beach shoot. Perth’s sunset that evening didn’t disappoint.

Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 1Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 2Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 3Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 4

Not long after, two became three and I met Willow. I am sure you will agree she has the most amazing eyes and was so alert for a newborn. Took quite a while for her to sleep.
Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 5Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 6Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 7Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 8Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 9Family : Where life begins and love never ends…
Perth Maternity & Newborn Photographer - Willow 10

I wish Willow and her parents every happiness as a family and look forward to seeing her grow in years to come.

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Perth Newborn Photographer : Baby Riko

Meeting little Riko, I decided one thing – that the combination of Japanese and Sicilian/Australian parents makes for a beautiful baby.

Perth Newborn PhotographerPerth Newborn PhotographerPerth Newborn Photographer
Trigg Family Photographer
“May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon. May you grow up with love and gracious hearts & people who care. Welcome to the world little ones. It’s been waiting for you.” Author ~ Unknown


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Trigg Family Photographer : The F Family

We are truly spoiled for choice with beaches here on the Sunset Coast but one of my favourites for twilight shoots in definitely Trigg Beach. I met the F family here for their family photo shoot and it was a particularly windy evening. Not that it matters. In fact, I would say it actually enhanced some of the photographs, such as this first one…


We started the shoot on the grassy areas and then went down onto the beach.

Trigg Family PhotographerTrigg Family PhotographerTrigg Family PhotographerTrigg Family PhotographerTrigg Family PhotographerTrigg Family Photographer

Trigg Family Photographer

Having been so busy over the last few months, I really have neglected the blog which is a shame I think blogging more images gives you a better feel for a shoot rather then the odd individual image. What better way to start blogging again than with this gorgeous family? Note to self – Must keep blogging.



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