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Okay, so I have to admit that although I have been hooked on digital virtually since day one,  I haven’t actually upgraded my SLR camera, a 7-year-old EOS D60 ( for those of you with good memories ).  I felt guilty even thinking about it. Alas, the time had come to purchase an all singing and all dancing upgrade, going by the name of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

As soon as the battery was charged, I was off out with it (ignoring the fact that it was blazing middle of the day sunshine). I dragged Georgia along as my almost-willing model and we went for a walk to test, what has know been named, ‘the baby’ out.

The most obvious improvements were a much larger viewfinder window, the ISO having its own button instead of being hidden under the menu screen, and the full frame sensor meaning I was getting more out of my lenses. I particularly noticed this on the EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS.

In my haste to go out and test I even forgot to change the settings from jpg to RAW and yet, when home, the images stood up to quite a bashing in Photoshop.

Later in the evening the D5 really came into its own with its ISO settings. I could not believe how I was able to go down to ISO 6400 with less background noise than I had at ISO 400 on the D60. The benefits to using this camera are waaaay too long for me to reel off. Suffice to say, I am more than pleased with ‘my baby’.

This picture was taken approximately 3 minutes after the battery charged, in the glaring sun as a  jpg.  Georgia had found yet another bug and was closely inspecting it.

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February 1st 2010 marked an important day in our house as Georgia started prep. She had been so excited for weeks about starting and was more than ready for it, yet as a mum, it’s still a strange day. I knew she would love it. The school and her teacher are both lovely and she already had friends in her class. We had even cheated. This wasnt really her first ever day at school. She went to school in the UK for 7 months before we emigrated to Australia and so I knew she would be fine. Yet, it’s still odd when you think about your baby starting school. When you look at them in their uniform, they seem so tiny and yet so grown up at the same time. And you think about them as tiny babies and have no idea where the time went and how they got to this stage so quickly. Thankfully, Georgia had a fabulous first week at school and even complained that she had to have a weekend.  I took a few pics of her and put them together in a panorama to mark her first week. How big is her bag? Bless her. I am so proud of my beautiful little baba (she goes mad at me calling her that) and wish her a fabulous time a school.

Georgia starts school

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Hello Internet!

I decided that I don’t have enough to do with two kids aged 3 and 5, building a house and starting a new business after emigrating to the other side of the world less than a year ago , so thought I would start a blog to challenge myself a little.  Hey, what’s the worse that can happen? I  am a photographer and decided to post a pic every day for a year.  Now, that doesn’t seem too difficult…hmmm, we’ll see.  I hope to learn a little about myself (even if it is just that I am terrible at blogging and never want to do it again) and improve my photography skills along the way.

This week I spent some time drooling over, ahem, I mean, photographing some Biscuit Bouquets by the talented Lisa Mcintosh. Let me tell you, they taste every bit as good as they look.  You can contact Lisa directly at email: or phone (AU) 0407 864 183.

So there you have it, my first blog and pic. Speak to you again tomorrow folks.

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