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Mother Nature doesn’t like me

I try to be a healthy person, really I do, and I try to encourage the kids to be healthy too. Okay so maybe today isn’t the best day to say that after the burgers blog yesterday. Anyway, I digress. All four of us, mum, dad and 2 nippers, set off on a bike ride this morning. We looked the perfect vision of a good wholesome family complete with our compulsory helmets. Hey I even considered buying us matching anoraks to mark the occasion. We arrived at the swimming pool, parked up outside and went for a swim. Sometime between us swimming and showering, outside had a shower of it’s very own. This didn’t discourage me. I am made of stronger stuff. After all, it was sunny again and we had towels to dry the bikes off with. The insides of the helmets were a little damp but a little water never killed anyone. We went for some lunch and then proceeded home, back in our little convoy. I could see the darkness in the distance, looming. I’m quite sure you would be able to guess what happened next. In case you can’t guess, what would happen to a person who isn’t all that keen on exercise, who was making an effort, and who absolutely despises the winter (in particular rain). Yes, you got it in one, it bucketed down.

After drying ourselves off we set out for a little retail therapy. On the way home we saw the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen. It was complete and beautifully bright and clear. To top it off, it had a paler larger rainbow, also complete over the top of it. I am having to describe what it looked like because I didn’t have my camera with me. TYPICAL! Getting closer to home, it was fading, but I was determined I would capture it, encouraging Matt to HURRY UP! Did he really have to drive that slowly over speed bumps? By the time we got home and I ran into the house, grabbed my camera, THIS is all that was left….

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