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Milked a cow? Check

I have a confession. I am a country bumpkin although, that is not the confession. I have never milked a cow. Seriously, never. Growing up, I even lived three doors away from a dairy farm and my best friend also had a cattle farm (although I do recall plucking chickens with her which, incidentally, wasn’t as gruesome as it sounds and was actually quite therapeutic)! I should point out, for clarity sake, they were actually dead poultry. I had visions of somebody reading that thinking I am some sort of animal torturer!  I never quite got round to milking a heifer though.

Yesterday, Georgia went on a school trip to the Healesville Sanctuary and, given that it was his second to last Wednesday off school, I took Marcus to Chesterfield Farm with some other school friends.

The Farmer showed allowed the kids to milk their heifer so I took the opportunity to have a go myself. I am quite sure that I looked like a loon being the only adult milking a cow. Not that I cared. One more thing ticked off my list of things to do in life. You have to try things at least once, don’t you agree? Okay, maybe I’ll give Vegemite sandwiches a miss (aka the devil’s food).


Ssshhhh, Marcus is concentrating on what the Farmer has to say…


It’s a great family day out and reasonable too ($30 for the whole family). Once Marcus had milked the cow, the Farmer let him use the milk to bottle feed the lambs. That cute and cuddly guy nearly yanked my little man’s arms out of his sockets they sucked so hard, downing the bottle in about 10 seconds flat!


We then went outside and met some of the residents….




And some more unusual sorts…


Is this not the funniest face you have ever seen? “What? You talking to me?”



Dont be fooled by this next ones innocent face. She is naughty. She grabbed a lady’s full paper bag of animal food (about 5oog) and ate it all in one gulp (complete with paper). Then she proceeded to charge at any of the other goats that even tried to be fed. I suspect she was a little hormonal. I can identify. We can all have off days:-)





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