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Some of you have been asking for puppy update…Henry is now 13 weeks old and, if truth be told, has totally lost that cute puppy look. He’s already progressed into a gangly teenager. In 6 short weeks he has gone from a squidgy 5.67 kilos to 17 kilos with elongated legs (more than doubled in height). The good news for us and him is that he can now go for walks. The bad news is that it is magpie breeding season. While walking him in the park yesterday four magpies started to swoop us. I started to run, assuming he would follow. Oh no. Not Henry. It would seem he is not the sharpest tool in the box. He just sat there, with a bewildered look on his face, trying to work out why the birds were attacking him from every angle. It was like an Alfred Hitchcock scene.  Rather than run for it, he just sat there, all confuzzled. (Yes, I like to make words up). I shouted him to come, but he sat there frozen. Any other animal in their right mind would have run. Quickly. Any other animal at 13 weeks doesn’t weight the same as a small hatchback car but there was only one thing for it. I had to go into the line of fire, with my coat wrapped over my head to offer at least some protection from ‘the birds’, pick him up and leg it, with the maggies chasing after us.


We walked back around to where the kids were on the playground, trying to look even a little dignified and then I realised our ridiculous scene had been witnessed. “Is everything okay?” asked a slightly amused man. “Yes. Thanks. Nothing to see here. Come on kids, we’re going home. Now! Quickly! Let’s see if we are on Funniest Home Movies yet”.

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