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Jigsaw OCD

A friend of mine kindly gave the kids a couple of bags of goodies today, full of all sorts including books, toys, stickers, stationery and a jigsaw. Yes, she is an angel. However, there is something you should know about me… I love jigsaws. Once I start them, I can’t stop. This can prove problematic with ones over 1000 pieces. Marcus and I made a start on this Harry Potter jigsaw after dinner tonight and before we knew it, it was his bedtime. I am not exaggerating when I say Matt had to frogmarch me away from it. The temptation to finish it while he is in bed is nearly killing me.

Look at it tempting me.


Come on, tell me that isn’t annoying you. It would only take 5 minutes. I actually think I can hear it calling me. I can hear it whispering “Rachael, Rachael, don’t leave me like this. Come and compete me. It’s just not fair to leave me in this part-finished state over-night. Come on. No-one would know.” I think it might even be HagridĀ as it is definitely a Scottish accent.

I even suggested I could finish it and then remove some pieces for Marcus to complete in the morning. Matt was having none of it. I will be watching him closely to ensure he doesn’t secretly finish it off.

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