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It’s like riding a bike

Yesterday, I had some bad news from England. My mum and step-dad’s dog had to be put to sleep. They are understandably devastated. She was a beautiful Rough Collie going by the name of Lassie. I know, original name, but she was already called that when they bought her. She lived to the grand old age of 14 which is fantastic for a medium to large dog. I have to say, it is a wonder she managed to live to that age as she seemed to have a habit of finding herself in difficulties. A friend of mine used to ask, “What has Lassie been up to now?” as she would wait to hear the latest incredibly funny story of her mishaps. If I can just paint the scene for you…she was a proud dog who would prance rather than run and hold her head up high, knowing she looked beautiful. Picture that elegant dog not looking where she is prancing and falling into a dyke, up to her neck, caked in muck! Another time I recall she was running delicately through a meadow and saw another dog friend of hers jump over a fence. She decided to follow. She tried to do her usual lady-like hop over it. Now, the fence was made of barbed wire and she had a lot of long, well-groomed, fur. The fur caught on the wire and wouldn’t let her continue, so she ended up in mid-air with her front paws dangling over the fence, back paws behind, caught up on the wire. Fortunately, her fur was so big that it didn’t harm her. Lassie will be sadly missed and I want to send my mum and Ray big hugs across the miles.

On a more cheery note, this morning Matt announced that he was going to take Georgia’s stabilizers (training wheels) off her bike. A brave move given that last time he tried, about a year ago, it resulted in major panics, injuries, tantrums and tears…and that was just me! Anyway, I was inside packing boxes and looked out to see her riding all on her own. Apparently she just started to ride, thankfully without the usual holding onto the bike for 2 miles. Marcus then tried but the poor little guy isn’t really big enough to put his feet down so he’s going to have to wait until he grows a bit. He’s not in the slightest bit impressed.

Tonight is THE night that Blackpool Football Club can qualify for the English Premier League. They are just one game away from the most elite football league in the world. Ninety minutes of play on Wembley’s hallowed turf will determine their fate. They have not had an opportunity like this for over 40 years. It is immense….no pressure then.¬†Matt is incredibly nervous, he’s a huge fan and would have loved to have gone but with moving house and starting a new job next week he couldn’t have logistically gone. For me, I am a supporter but not a true fanatic, yet I still feel really emotional about it. It’s weird when you are away from where you grow up and live in a different country. It certainly makes you more aware of your roots. This match means so much to so many people I care about and I have all fingers, and toes, and anything else I can cross, crossed hoping they win. COOOOMMMMMME ON YOU POOOOOOOL!

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