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This is how I feel, but more in a frowney way….

When something goes wrong it is fantastic to be able to vent at somebody. Fire off an email. Make somebody a scapegoat. Somehow by making somebody else to blame seems to help. You can imagine how impressed I was then to find that there only one person responsible for deleting my images from my blog. One sole person to blame. Not my web host, not my blog host and not a software provider. Just one person. Boy were they going to feel the weight of my wrath. The problem was though that this person was, yes you guessed it, little old me. Yes, that’s right, I single-handedly managed to delete over 80 images from my blog and about 100 from the website. How? My husband assures me it is because I am a numpty. In my defence it wasn’t like I hit a giant delete button. On no, it was a lot more complicated than that (yes, I actually struggled to delete them). ANYWAY, there is only me suffering. Thus far I have reinstated the ones on my website and am about half way through re-posting the ones on my blog. Please bear with me while I finish off the ones on my blog. I really am losing the will to live doing it. There is one thing for sure, I won’t be making the same mistake again. Thank goodness I realised the problem before firing off my irate email to my web provider….that could have been even more embarrassing:-)

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