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Henry Bear

A few weeks ago, we had to return the dog we adopted. We only kept her for two weeks. It was very sad as we had all grown to love her but the more she settled in with us, the more she became agressive with other dogs and even started to growl and nip the kids. She’d obviously not been properly socialised with other dogs or children and while we would have happily spent the time training her and trying to get her better with other dogs, we just couldnt take the risk with the kids. The breeders, who had accepted her back from her original owners after 5 years were very good and willingly took her back promising to find her a new home without children.

So, sadly, that left us with no dog again. We’d wanted an older dog so we wouldn’t have to go to through the puppy years however, as we found out, that can come with it’s own set of problems. We came to the conclusion that the only way we could guarantee good social skills was to bite the bullet and put the hard slog in ourselves and get a puppy. Then we had to decide on a breed so we did what any sensible person would do. We bought a giant. A Great Dane. What’s that? Yes, yes, we are most probably insane. Then the sex – to make sure the dog is ridiculously big, we chose a male. Well, in for a penny in for a pound I say :-0

We had a fair few names for him…Scooby, Tiny, Fluffy, Teddy, Donkey but in the end, we called him Henry. When no-one’s around I call him Sir Henry and occasionally Henry Bear.


He only arrived yesterday so it is early days but so far so good. ┬áHe’s currently 7 weeks. In case you dont think he looks very big for a Great Dane, let me tell you, two and a half weeks ago, when we first saw him, he was only one third of this size. What have we let ourselves in for?

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