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Grand? Yes. Final? Erm, that would be a no.

Today was Grand Final Day for AFL 2010. For those of you in the UK it’s basically like the FA Cup and the Premiership rolled into one and Australia, well in particular Melbourne, grinds to a halt for it. Just over 100,000 people attended the match today. We’d been invited to a friend’s house for a party to watch it where 90% were supporting St Kilda and the remainder was barracking for Collingwood. Personally, I know very little about the game, but I realised it would be far more fun to support one of the teams and so I went with St Kilda. Two reasons: when we first arrived in Melbourne, St Kilda was the first place we stayed and, secondly, they are building a new training ground about 5 minutes away from where we live. I will spare you a pathetic attempt to commentate, save to say the gameĀ ended in a draw. That’s right a DRAW. No extra time, no penalties (or whatever equivalent they have in AFL), just a draw, with a re-match next week! How on earth can a game called GRANDĀ FINAL not be , well, you know, FINAL! I feel so sorry for the fans and the players alike. Imagine getting yourself all set for the final game of the season, winner takes all, WHEN, it’s not actually the final game and there is no winner! I must admit it was pretty astonishing that there was a draw as it’s not like normal football where 6-0 is a big score, the final score was 68-68 so the chances of a draw are pretty slim. In fact, the last time it happened in a Grand Final was 1977. So, same time next week everyone?

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