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Game, Set And Match

School holidays…love them or hate them, you have no choice but to try to get through them with as few arguments and fights as possible. I frequently run out of ideas of what to do so Matt suggested I take the kids to tennis. He has great ideas of things to do with the kids while he is at work, knowing the carnage that will ensue. As I didn’t have a car today and without any better ideas of my own we set off for the tennis courts. Walking there I re-lived the previous experiences of taking them both on my own….

“NO! Don’t hit it like THAT to me …HIGHER”

“I just can’t hit it hard enough, GRRRR”

“Stop laughing at MEEEEE” (as Marcus is squirming on the floor in a fit of rage after missing the ball a few times on the run)

“That’s not fair, (s)he had more goes than me”

Shall we say, I wasn’t exactly optimistic. To my surprise, we had a great time. Marcus has improved a lot and so doesn’t get frustrated and Georgia lost interest after a while and happily made pictures out of the gravel around the sides.

Georgia then suggested we play a game of line tig. It was hilarious! I had forgotten how much fun it is to run around playing tig.

Word of warning though… prior to having kids Matt and I stopped playing tig in public. People stare. ¬†Apparently, if you don’t have children with you it is weird :0)

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