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FYI: English is evolving! TMI?

The latest update to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) have been published. Among the new additions are some modern-day acronyms that I never would have imagined would make their way in such as;

OMG (Oh my God) which has actually been used since 1917

FYI (for your information) which dates back to 1941

BFF (best friends forever)

TMI (too much information)

LOL (laugh out loud) which dating back to used to 1960, used to stand  for little old lady. When and how the abbreviation changed its meaning I have no idea.

Other colloquialisms have been added such as muffin-top (excess flesh hanging over ones waistband), on the lash (on a drinking bout), cream-crackered (rhyming slang for knackered) and more disturbing for me, wassup (what’s is the matter).

I don’t so much have a problem with the slang as I do the acronyms (which are apparently called initialisms). My knee jerk reaction is to repel the idea of this ‘text talk’ creeping into formal language. Surely it can’t be a good thing? Perhaps it can. They have come about by the advances in technology when the need to be brief is necessary. A natural progression perhaps?. The English language is considered to be the richest language in terms of sheer number of words and words continually fall out of fashion and are no longer used.  Therefore, it seems only right that new words, however formed, are added to this rich tapestry that is the English language. I read an article which mentioned that even the literary genius William Shakespeare invented new words or at least swapped verbs for nouns and vice-versa. So if the great man himself did it, why shouldn’t we? I do however feel that the way Mr Shakespeare’s paint a picture with words wouldn’t be improved upon today.  What do you think? Which do you prefer…

“But soft what light through yonder window breaks?”


“Juliet! Wassup?!”

Tough one, I know but before you ridicule the dictionary’s decision, imagine all the fun you could have in scrabble. I think I’ll have a sneaky study of the latest version, before challenging Matt to a game and thrashing his but!

FYI- If you’re on the lash tonight, remember to be honest with your BFF about the muffin-top and, OMG, please, whatever you do, do not LOL at what’s she’s wearing. Oh and come home before you are too cream-crackered. Wassup, is that TMI?

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