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From back home

Last night we met up with relatives of mine from England. They are travelling around Australia on holiday and so they stayed over at our house last night. It was great to see them and I had started to forget what it is like to talk to people from the same area we are from. The funny thing was that Marcus couldn’t remember them and yet within 10 minutes he’d found a best friend in my Uncle Tony. He even suggested that he would like to fly to Alice Springs with them tomorrow and it wouldn’t have surprised me if he’d have actually followed it through!  I must say that they are a fantastic couple and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to catch up with them but it was weird when we said good-bye today. Weird to know in a couple of weeks they will be back to where we came from. Not sad, just strange. I can’t really say why. The only analogy that comes to mind right now is, when you go back to a school you attended years before, you have this feeling of belonging yet you don’t belong there anymore, yet you still feel fondly about it. That probably makes no sense at all but that’s the best I can offer.

Anyway, to Uncle T and Auntie V, I hope you have a fabulous time exploring the remainder of Australia and we hope to see you again soon.  Also, if we are every bit as adventurous as you are twenty years from now, I will be a very happy lady.

R x

Yes, I know, photo and story do not match…but I do like the colours in this tree:-)

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