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Ellie The Elephant

This year Georgia’s class have a VIP every week. Each Friday a name of a student is pulled out randomly and they are the VIP for the following week. This also means they get to bring home Ellie the Elephant and document her adventures in her very own journal over the weekend. This made me think, wouldn’t it be fun to do an adult version of her weekend. Perhaps we could call her Emmy the Elephant, the black sheep, oh, erm, I mean, elephant of the family and take pictures of her at nightclubs, ordering tequila slammers, smoking, and eating kebabs at 3am. Then, the morning after, drinking Alca-SeltzerĀ and sporting dark shades. To be a fly on the wall when the teacher opens up the journal in front of the class on Monday morning….priceless.

Obviously, as I am a responsible parent, I refrained from openly discussing my thoughts with Georgia. Taking a photograph of Ellie climbing into a McDonald’s Happy Meal box was as rebellious as we managed. Oh, but it could have been so much more interesting…..

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