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Two to three mornings a week I take Matt to the train station which is a 15 minute drive away (30 minute round trip). We usually set off between 6:30 and 7am so that we are home in plenty of time to get ready for school and so Matt can get into work early. This morning, we arrived at the station and Matt went “Erm, any idea where my laptop is?”  I had no idea, you see, I am not a morning person. Really, I’m not. I wouldn’t notice if I’d forgotten one of the kids. Everyone in our house knows not to bother talking to me until I’ve had at least one cup of tea and there’s definitely no time for drinking tea prior to taking Matt to the station. There isn’t even time to get dressed. I usually put my coat over my PJs but if we set off early enough and it is still dark I opt for my bright pink fluffy dressing down. Sshhh, don’t tell a soul.

The reason I only do this in the dark  is that it is so bright, I swear it can be seen from space. On more than one occasion I have been caught out and the sun has risen faster than expected revealing me driving in all my pink glory. This is a sight for sore eyes, let me tell you. I would die if I saw anyone I knew.

I digress, where was I? Ah yes, THE LAPTOP. Where is Matt’s laptop? I hear you say. Answer…at home. Our home, that is 15 minutes away. Our home that it will take me 30 minutes to drive to, pick up the laptop and arrive back to the train station, where I started. Our house, the place that I am not going to actually arrive (for a second time) at and allow the kids to get out of the car and have their breakfast and get dressed. Our house, that we will have been out of for a total of ONE HOUR at the crack of dawn, because my husband forgot his laptop. Please forgive my rambling. Please forgive me not seeing the funny side when, on the second lap of the journey, Matt declared, “Oh, I’ve just had a déjà vu”.

Despite this early set-back, the rest of the day turned out pretty well. AND….it’s now the weekend! Enjoy everyone.

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