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As we left the house for school we spotted an injured dragonfly. I am not certain but I think I may have had a part to play in it’s injury as it was lay suspiciously close to the bottom of our sliding doors:-(Georgia decided she would practice her veterinary skills and after spending a fair amount of time inspecting it, she placed it in her bug catcher with a spider and a caterpillar she had foraged (well a dragonfly has to eat you know). When we returned home after school, I thought I would have to prepare myself for a funeral speech. I was astounded when she took it out of the bug catcher and not only was the dragonfly alive, it managed to actually fly off! I knew all those years of allowing her to watch Animal Planet would pay off. Very proud of her achievement I thought it best not to mention the two insects that had to be sacrificed to save the dragonfly.



I see a Dragonfly flutter by on a whisper in the breeze

Coming ever so close now for you to see me, almost as if to tease

I see you with all your wonderful colors bold and bright,

Makes me curious, where do you go in the night?

You fly around by day ever so silent, a glimpse of you here and there

Flying around every day and everywhere as if you haven’t a care.

You act as if you heard me, now you and have come to stare.

Eyes so big, wow what a scare for smaller insects to see this glare

by Sam Madsen 

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