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Dr Dolittle

Georgia is animal and insect obsessed. She always has been. In England she used to pick up all spiders regardless of size or hairiness and so we had to explain to her that she is not allowed to pick up ANY spiders in Australia, no matter how small. She is always the first to volunteer to hold snakes, lizards and tarantulas. She gave pet names to at least 10 snails yesterday morning, all of which were slithering up and down her arms. I know, gross. I pretend I am not bothered. Worse still, she found a particularly hairy moth in the afternoon…and made friends with it. I have a slight phobia of moths which I have had to hide. I swear the one she found was half bat. It had a bat face. Really, it did. This creature stood on her arm, wandering up and down and even let her stroke it. ┬áThe snails this morning weren’t hiding in their shells either, they were happy for her to touch them and didn’t even draw their eye stalks in (I know that’s what they are because I googled it…didn’t want to ask Georgia or she’d scoff at my ignorance). She seems to have an affinity with them. I am thinking of ringing the RSPCA and seeing if they want a helper during the Easter holidays. Our very own 5-year-old Dr Dolittle would be in her element.

I’m sure it’s staring at me, remembering me, so it can POUNCE when I least expect it. And just WHAT are those ears things all about? Georgia said that means it is a male…urgh, more like a gremlin, and I don’t mean Gizmo, he was cute.

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