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Cry Baby

This morning I watched The Time Traveller’s Wife and cried my eyes out. It used to take quite a lot for me to cry (well, Ghost and Titanic anyway). About four months ago I went to watch UP! at the cinema and sobbed, from start to finish. It is a kid’s animation for goodness sake. What is wrong with me?  I was walking out of the cinema after the film had finished drying my eyes and looked around to see who else had been touched as I had and no-one, not one single person, was crying or even had red eyes. Clearly they were all heartless :0)

I can pin point exactly when I changed from normal human to blubbering idiot. Six years ago; term one of pregnancy number one. The hormones kicked in and BANG!, my emotions were no longer controllable by my rational self. I thought it would stop it after the pregnancy. It didn’t. If anything it got worse once I had this tiny bundle of love in my arms. That’s the thing with kids. It isn’t until you have them that you know just what unconditional love is and I am sure neural pathways are opened up that never before existed. Pathways that lead straight to your heart instead of your head. I have no idea if that is medically possible by the way, I just liked the way it sounded.

My babies, who make me laugh and cry harder than I ever imagined.

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