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Let sleeping lions lie?

I recently witnessed the most brave act I have ever seen. Well, either the most brave or the most stupid. You be the judge.

What you can see is a sleeping lion. The bird must have decided he was bored of watching his oversized friend sleep and took matters into his own hands/claws. *Cue, cute little bird swooping lion to wake him up*. Seriously.

The lion woke up from his mid-afternoon nap. Now call me a chicken but if I were the bird, I would be flying right about NOW.

Oh no, he’s seen you. Fly little bird, fly as fast as your wings will let you. Or run! Just do something. Quickly! While you can!

What? You mean to tell me he doesn’t mind an irritating little guy plucking his mane to wake him up? When my own children, my own flesh and blood, shake my head to wake me up at an untimely hour, I’m like a bear with a sore head, yet the King of the Jungle didn’t seem to mind Mr Wagtail waking him at all. Now that’s what I call a friendship. ¬†Never saw that one coming. Although, thinking back to a book I once read, someone else did. The Lion and the Little Red Bird, nearly forgot all about that book. Okay, so the bird’s colour is wrong. Cut the author some slack will you?

Completely off topic, why do they say Lions are the King of the Jungle when they don’t live in them? In every documentary I have watched, and trust me, with a 7-year-old who is obsessed with animals, I have watched a LOT, they appear to live on African Plains. It’s like saying Lady Gaga is the Queen of Coral Reefs. I have no doubt she is very talented in her own ‘field’ but not so much under the sea. I’m guessing Nemo hasn’t got a clue who she is.¬†Anyway, I’m off to ponder that one.

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