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Yesterday would have been my dad’s 70th birthday. Unfortunately he died when I was 17 and so it came and went as any other day would. However, even 15 years on, I still say a happy birthday to him when no-one is listening. He wasn’t a conventional kind of dad and I spent a good deal of my childhood not really getting on with him, however, a year or so before he passed away I developed a really good relationship with him and he became a great  friend. We played for the same pool (8 ball) teams and so spent a lot of time together. He died suddenly of a heart attack which was hard not being able to say good-bye or even tell him how I felt about him. The positive was that it was in his sleep so he had no warning and didn’t suffer. A long time has passed so it’s not something that I struggle with but some days I do wish he could have lived to see me get married and also to meet his grandchildren. I debated whether to write this or not as I hate the thought of people feeling sorry for me however, I felt that his 70th birthday shouldn’t go past without a mention.

This time in May is certainly the birthday season in our family as today is Matt’s grand-dad’s birthday. He is a legend, an absolute star that we all call Popa. He still plays 18 holes of golf, does his own shopping, cooking and cleaning and is even currently building himself a chicken coop and he is in his 80s. He will no doubt be enjoying a glass or two of wine this evening and so we may too open a bottle to toast him. Hope you have a great day Pops, Love ya x

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