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Beware of the Cockatoo

I’d heard of a place where you can hand feed the wild birds in the forest, so decided to take my friend there who’s visiting from the UK. Grants Picnic Area is in the Dandenong Ranges and only take about 25 minutes to get to.

We bought some bird food from the shop that is there and went over to where there were already lots of cockatoos, parrots in a variety of colours, galas and even kookaburras.

My friend held her hand out and a beautiful coloured parrot proceeding to jump in her arm and feed from her.

Then, a cockatoo decided it would make its move. It was not impressed its brightly coloured beautiful little cousin getting all the best seeds so made a squawk, flapped its wings and attacked. I’m not entirely sure who it was attacking, its cousin or my friend. The parrot moved quickly and appeared to escape unharmed. The parrot wasnt happy that it has scared off it’s rival, it then decided that it didn’t just want the seeds Maria had placed on her hand, it wanted the entire bag! It grabbed the small paper bag with its beak and tried to take it. It all happened so quickly and Maria had a fight or flight moment. Should she:

A. Let go of the $1 paper bag of seeds, or;

B. Hold onto them for dear life, shoeing away the bird, resulting in clawed, blood drawn arms?

In the cockatoo-attacking moment, she chose the latter of the two, however, in hindsight I am quite sure she would agree that perhaps option A would have better.


About 10 minutes later we noticed a sign which had fallen down on to the floor, basically out of sight, advising you to wear long sleeves. Oops, just another quiet day in the forest.


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