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Before and After : Sorrento Family Photographer

I’m often asked how much post production work I do and the truth is that I believe every photograph can be enhanced in post-processing and so I edit every single photograph. The way I take the photograph combined with my post-processing is what makes my finished product and style as a Photographer. Capturing the best photograph in camera though is the first and most essential part. Get that wrong and no amount of “Photoshopping’ will transform the image. I am very selective about when and where I shoot as I am a natural light photographer and, living in Australia, the sun is very harsh for 98% of the day.

Last weekend, I did a close to midday, beach shoot with very little shade. I wouldn’t normally recommend this however circumstances meant we didn’t have a lot of option. This is the scenario that keeps Photographers up at night and something I would never have attempted a couple of years ago. I wont bore you with the finer details however, suffice to say, out of the whole beach, I only had a 3 meter square area to work in that would give me good light for this type of shot. That was plenty enough room to work in however, the problem was, we were surrounded by poles that hold shade cloths in the summer months. What to do? I took the shot, knowing the most crucial element, the light, would be good and also knowing I would be able to remove the poles in post processing.

Here’s a before and after…

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