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Bargain Hunt

My name is Rachael and I have a problem. I absolutely must buy clearance stock. I don’t know what it is. I think it is genetic as my mum and my sister are as bad. That’s my excuse anyway.

Yesterday I was in Target and with Marcus’ birthday looming, I saw they had a sale on.  Music to my ears. So now, one of the poor guy’s presents is a Ben 10 rash vest (that’s a UV top to those of you in the UK). He has plenty of rashies and autumn is on it’s way. I must point out though, I am not stupid, I got him a size too big, so it will fit him next summer.

I should explain that by clearance, I dont just mean a slight reduction, I mean final clearance….the price tag has to have at least two or three price drop stickers on for me to be truly happy. Then, regardless of necessity or even usefulness my brain switches to must buy, must buy, must buy mode.  I seem to recall once buying an umbrella stand that was slightly broken.  Now, I don’t use umbrellas and would certainly never fix anything.  With hindsight,  maybe that wasn’t such a bargain.

I am aware  that there are a few problems with my urges to find bargains. Firstly, shopping takes ages and ages and ages. Secondly, I spend the same amount of money anyway. For example, if I am buying a present for somebody and happen to find something in the sale, I feel mean just giving that and end up buying something else as well. Thirdly I must admit that whenever I buy something at full price, I do feel like I have been conned. I know, I am just not right in the head.

After many years of trying, I now make a point of never shopping with Matt. He is the complete opposite and would certainly not stand around while I mooch for hours trying to find a bargain. He simply wont put up with my compulsion to find a fix. He finds things reassuringly expensive and his view is that if it’s in the sale then that’s because no-one else wants it. Maybe he has a point, but at least it keeps me entertained. Matt has however learned over the years just to nod and smile when I come home and excitedly point out just how much money I have saved. I think he got bored of pointing out that I would have saved more if I didn’t buy anything. Just what does THAT mean?!

Oooh… feast your eyes on those red stickers…

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