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Back to (a new) school

It’s exactly a month since we arrived in Perth and my babies are starting their new school today. They are incredibly excited and I am excited for them but, I must admit, if I could, I’d  extend the holidays by another week or two. It’s gone so fast. They have had 8 weeks off and I never thought there would be a day when, after that length of time, I wouldn’t be desperate for them to go back. I suppose it marks the beginning of our new lives in Perth. It is officially, no longer a holiday. This is it! The subtleties of this are lost on the children, they are desperate to get back to school and very much looking forward to making new friends. Georgia is incredibly happy – she has jumped from Grade 1 to Grade 3. She thinks it marvellous that she will never ever have to do Grade 2! I guess if I was 7 years old, I’d think that was pretty cool too. I’m not a kid though, I’m her mother who, while I know she is a very smart girl, is concerned about anything she has missed out on. I’m sure, deep down, that she will be fine, but it doesn’t stop a mum from worrying now does it? As for Mr Marcus, he’s fine and dandy. His teacher called him last night to speak to him and to say that she will see him tomorrow.

The uniform shop only opened yesterday, so I spent yesterday doing the very exciting job of labelling. What with the uniform and all the books, pens, pencils, crayons, kitchen sinks (there may as well have been a sink on the stationary list, there was everything else), I am so over my children’s names. At one point I contemplated making up new names for them, for a laugh, to see if they would notice. Fifi-Trixiabelle Turner has a good ring to it, don’t you think?

Anyway, they are both beside themselves with excitement and couldn’t wait to wear their new uniforms. Georgia Fifi-Trixiabelle even got some exercise books out and told me she was ‘practising working’ in her new dress!

To our babies – today we see you take new steps in your lives, making new friends, meeting new people, experiencing new things. Your Daddy and I are so fortunate to have you two amazing little people. Your enthusiasm and eagerness to start a new school is fantastic. We are so proud of you. We hope you have enjoyed the summer holidays half as much as we have. It certainly has been one to cherish and that you have a wonderful first year in Perth. All our love Mummy and Daddy  xx

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