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Artificial Sunshine

Tomorrow is the school disco, and I have been allocated the job of selling the glow sticks. Yep, you read that right, the girl from Blackpool, selling glow sticks. In case you are not familiar with Blackpool, it’s the home of The Illuminations: over a million lights that stretch 10 kilometers along the sea front. Back in 1879 when they first shone, they were referred to as ‘artificial sunshine’ ¬†bearing in mind, Thomas Edison didn’t patent the light bulb until the following year. These days, it is impossible to drive or walk along the sea front without at least 10 people offering to sell you some item or other that glows in the dark. You can see then that asking me to sell glow sticks basically like telling a French person they are in charge of the garlic stall! ¬†Oh, and before you go making excuses for them…the team organising the disco are 90% British….it’s no coincidence!

Thinking back to Blackpool’s ‘Artificial Sunshine’ and comparing it with Perth’s Sunset Coast, there are some similarities. No, really there are. Well, they are both on the West Coast of their countries. One thing is for sure though, Perth’s Sunset Coast sees a fair bit more of the ‘authentic sunshine’.



Time will tell as to whether it’s in the blood and I am a natural born glow stick seller, although I will try to not let the responsibility go to my head.


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