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Andrews Hamburgers

I decided to pick Matt up from work today, which I try to do once a month. We usually go out for a meal and Matt told me about a place his colleagues had recommended. They apparently make the best hamburgers in Melbourne. With the kids in tow we set off to find it. I have to say, had it not been recommended we would have probably just driven past it. It didn’t look very special and, if I’m going to be honest, didn’t look very appealing. I was always taught to never judge a book by it’s cover and, besides, there was no way I’d have been able to stop Matt and the kids from going in. I ordered a burger with ‘The Lot’, mostly because Matt did and I was trying to sort out what the kids wanted so didn’t really have the time to properly read the menu. ‘The Lot’ it would seem comprised of: a sesame seed bun, hamburger, egg, bacon, cheese, tomato, tomato sauce, cabbage and fried onions for good measure. Basically a heart attack in a bag. Putting my morbid fears aside, I bit into it and, OH MY goody gumdrops, it was delicious! I couldn’t quite finish it, but I had a good go at it. The burger meat itself was beautiful and probably didn’t need all the rest of the trimmings. Once I’d convinced the kids that sesame seeds weren’t the work of the devil and didn’t actually taste of anything, they nearly polished off all their burgers too. While we were there, they must have served half of the Albert Park area including a couple of Police Officers who took away a huge order.  If you’re ever in the Albert Park area and want a bite to eat, try Andrews Hamburgers, you won’t be disappointed.

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