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All’s well that ends well

Last night, amid packing boxes and cooking dinner, Matt announced that he had lost his credit card. He spent an hour looking for it and then another hour trying to remember when he had it last. He insisted that he had given it to me on Friday night when I had paid for take-away over the phone. “You didn’t, you definitely didn’t” was my response. Of course I was right, I am always right. He must have put it down somewhere, like his shoes and jacket that get tossed off in any location he happens to be standing. He didn’t panic as he worked out that it had to be in the house somewhere and we’d checked and it hadn’t been used. I said I would have another good around today and then we would cancel it if it wasn’t found by this evening.

Imagine my surprise when I went to pay for a new bin to be delivered at the new house this morning, opened my wallet up to find two almost identical cards staring at me. One had Matt’s name on it and one had my name on it. Oopsie. I can only think it was planted there without my knowledge:-)

Your credit card is definitely, unequivocably, 100% positively not in here….. well, not any more.

Happy Monday!

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