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Admit it, did you turn the giant hairdryer on?

Last night I tried to prepare my in-laws for today. The conversation went like this:

Me: The weather forecast has changed for tomorrow.  It’s not going to be 38 degrees

Them: Oh no, why what’s it changed to?

Me: 40 degrees

Them: Yay, that’s great

Me: No it is not. Trust me. It will be like standing under a giant hairdryer

I suspect they thought I was exaggerating. This morning started off well. It was a lovely heat, about 28 degrees, so we headed to the beach and spent the morning there. We left the beach in the early afternoon and drove home. In the time it took us to get home (30 minutes), somebody must have turned the giant hairdryer on. The wall of wind and heat slapped us the second we stepped out of the air-conditioned car and my in-laws knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. Welcome to the Northerly wind Pommies.


Bauble supplied by my beautiful friend. Thanks Annie, it’s had pride of place on my tree all Christmas x

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